Voice Mail

Electronic Voicemail for Businesses

ComNet specializes in Electronic Voicemail for businesses. It is the most economical solution for business and residential situations that may not require human interaction. Here are just some of our Electronic Voicemail capabilities:

  • Voicemail messages are always clear and meaningful. Since the caller's own voice is recorded, as well as the time of the call, there is scarcely confusion about what someone said or what he or she meant.
  • Change your pre-recorded greeting at anytime from anywhere, and various greeting and message lengths are available to fit any situation.
  • Combine your voicemail with answering or pager service, and you can be notified immediately each time you receive a message in your voicemail box.
  • Follow-Me feature automatically follows you to various locations with your calls or message notifications as long as you change status information via voicemail.
  • Voicemail Branching, the ability to create a menu for each of your office staff or departments, allows customers to leave messages for a particular individual or department by simply dialing a specific number from the menu.
  • Extended Message Retention is available so that you may retain the most important recordings as long as necessary.
  • Send messages to a group of people with one call using a distribution list.

We offer a One Number Voicemail and One Number Paging service that couples well with the rest of our appointment scheduling services. Check it out, here.

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