Appointment Scheduling

Third Party Appointment Scheduling

Our third party appointment scheduling feature puts all the information operators need at their fingertips and presents that information in an easy-to-use package that can be viewed by day, week and month.

As appointments are scheduled by operators, they are saved in the database and the calendar is refreshed so operators always have the most accurate scheduling information available during calls.

Our outsourced appointment application is integrated with directories and message scripting to automatically bring the information that operators need directly into message fields. Scripts can be designed to pull client information from directory fields and can add new client information to a directory. Scripts also can search for appointment openings, schedule appointments and cancel appointments, all without leaving the message script. Appointments can be combined with the contacts feature to dispatch messages using specific contact methods based on a person’s status.

Call center clients can connect to the schedule using the mobile/Web Applications to see and set their schedules, and appointments can be forwarded to the clients’ own personal calendar applications. Integration with Microsoft Outlook, and other popular calendars, brings third party appointments booked in our appointments application into the calendar of your clients’ choice.

To fully round out your answering services and third party appointment scheduling you should really consider adding our electronic voicemail for businesses.

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