The miOnCall is a powerful, flexible and completely secure cloud-based OnCall scheduling application that eliminates paper schedules, and reduces costly errors. The miOnCall makes it easy to:

  • assign schedule coverage
  • view schedule coverage
  • dispatch messages
  • schedule resources
  • manage and extend OnCall schedule information to on-call personnel via Web and mobile devices

The miOnCall OnCall Scheduling allows you to create and manage both individual and department-wide schedule coverage.

Simplified Set Up
A set-up wizard and online help guide can assist you through each step of the secure and simplified process of setting up your miOnCall schedules. You can then manage and view your miOnCall schedules from anywhere using just a Web browser.

Access your schedules using our secure Web site, sync the schedules with your Outlook® calendar, and view and edit them. The miOnCall smartphone apps are available for iPhone®, iPad™, iPod Touch® and Android™ mobile devices. You also can set up additional Administrators with permission to create and edit schedules, as well as additional Users who can view the schedules.

Departmental and Multiple OnCall Schedules
The miOnCall instantly presents the current OnCall information to your operators for each OnCall schedule, making it easy for them to contact the correct on-call resource. Operators and staff can quickly get in touch with on-call personnel directly from miOnCall, with a variety of contact methods, including alphanumeric paging, text messaging and e-mail.

Designed to Meet Your Needs
Set up your miOnCall schedules exactly as you need them. The miOnCall includes several categories to help you determine the best way to set up your OnCall schedules.

miOnCall includes:
Shifts – The OnCall schedules are organized into Shifts, such as First, Second and Third. Shifts define the coverage requirements for the schedule for specific time frames, days of the week, dates and recurrence patterns. Shifts can be set to recur on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Contact Roles – Each miOnCall Staff Contact can be assigned to a specific Role, such as a nurse, a pediatric resident, a trauma physician, a cardiologist or any custom-designee.

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