New Promotions

Save Time and Money with these two New Services From ComNet.

Take advantage of our new Short Message Service (Text Messaging). Text Messaging is rapidly replacing alpha numeric paging as the preferred method of receiving messages. The reasons for this are:

  • All the paging carriers are slowly shutting down their paging systems.
  • You don't have to carry a cell phone and a pager.
  • Cell phone and text coverage is improving all the time.
  • Incoming messages are stored by the network until your phone is on and in range.
  • Messages can be longer in length than alpha numeric pages.
  • The same message can be sent to any number of recipients with one action.


Messages from ComNet can be replied to by text providing confirmation of receipt.

Electronic Brochures

We now have the capability to send your brochure to your callers by email upon completion of the call.

We can send parts lists, price lists, product descriptions, apartment information, credit applications, insurance forms, schedules, promotional information, or anything else saved as a PDF file to your caller immediately.

Callers want information right now and this is a great way to get it to them. We will even help you with the design.

Call us for all the details for any of these programs.

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