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In 1949 a small answering service was started in Muncie, Indiana—mainly for physicians and service companies. The company grew and expanded its service offerings to include paging and mobile phones in 1969.

ComNet has been family owned since 1977, and by 1979 had installed the first computer-based answering system. Up to that time, all messages and account information were on paper, calls were answered on a manual cord switchboard, and all messages were dispatched verbally or via voice pager. ComNet upgraded to a totally paperless system in 1987. Messages and orders could now be sent to an alphanumeric pager, faxed or e-mailed. Web interface for order entry, data look-up, appointment scheduling, and other specialized applications started in 2000. This progressive upgrading of existing services and the addition of new services is at the heart of ComNet's success.

Today, ComNet provides 24-hour, 7-days a week web interactive call center services including telephone answering, inbound telemarketing, order entry, scheduling services, and commercial and residential voice-mail services. ComNet serves a variety of large companies and small businesses from Maine to California, and nearly everywhere in between. The entire team at ComNet provides the best possible messaging and related services.

In June 2015, we will celebrate our 38th year of serving our clients, and we want to thank them for their continued support. We invite you to join our client list. We take our client's calls very seriously and will do our best to see that your calls are handled professionally, courteously and efficiently. Thank you for your consideration.

Mindy & Tom Kemper

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